Top 3 Tips For Neighbourhood Shopping

Tuesday Nov 17th, 2020


If there is one thing we can be sure of in 2020, it’s that many of us are now revisiting what our ideal home is thanks to this “new normal” we are all adapting to. A home that works as a multi-purpose space, a home that is close to the necessities, a home that has accessible green space that won’t necessarily be filled with people on a beautiful fall day (social distancing!), and overall a home that caters better to the reality of our ever-changing daily lives. Here are three quick tips that are sure to help you when researching which neighbourhood might be the ideal fit for you.

Know What You’re Looking For

This can be hard. Especially now. But one of the best ways to determine what you want is to figure out what you don’t want. Whether you’re actively looking for a new home or you’ve only just begun thinking about it, start making your list of what you want to make sure your neighbourhood has, or what you know doesn’t work for you in your current home.

●      Where is the closest TTC station?

●      What can I expect in terms of developments in the next five to ten years?

●      What are the good schools in the area?

○      Tip: Whether or not you have kids, this is something to consider when making your decision in terms of resale value.

●      How engaged are the neighbours within the community?

●      How safe do the neighbours within the community feel?

○      This is also a great way to engage with the neighbours as suggested in the previous point. Often one of the best ways to learn about a neighbourhood is to hear from those you will be seeing on your morning walks and running into at the post office.


Compare Your Expenses To Those That Come With The Home

Property taxes. They’re there whether we like it or not and they’re not consistent. The change in property taxes can be quite dramatic when moving from one neighbourhood to the next, but don’t let that scare you. One of the best ways to ensure you do not become completely overwhelmed by costs, is weighing the expenses behind some of the other considerations on your list when it comes to choosing your new home. Are you saving on gas and transportation because public transit is easily accessible? Is the office you’re going into only twice a week merely a short walk away? Are you ready to let go of your expensive gym membership because a run through the park two streets over is far more appealing? There are changes within your living expenses that will make budgeting for your new home and accounting for some of the costs you may not be used to, far less daunting. The surrounding amenities can be a beacon of light for more reasons than one.


Plan For The Future

The evolution of a neighbourhood can play a key role in your decision to lay down roots. One of the conversations we can have when thinking about where your new home might be situated is regarding the history of the area. How has it developed over the last decade and what can you expect in the next one? Not only is this beneficial for you when it comes to weighing the convenience of the neighbourhood specifically for your household, but of course, this will also aid you in assessing the potential return on your investment, which is a significant consideration when finalizing your budget.


I’m here to make your home-owning experience as seamless as possible from the decision to the transition, and ensure that you know everything you need to so that there are no surprises when you’re settling into your new home. Send me an email at and let me ease some of your budgetary concerns as you plan your future in a neighbourhood that suits your needs.

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