Daniella’s Book

As word got out amongst other Realtors of my expertise in this area, I was asked to lead webinars and provide guidance to Brokers and Realtors. 

Working with divorcing couples and trying to navigate the challenges involved in the sale of the matrimonial home is not like a typical sale in most scenarios.

This led me to consult on files for lawyers, mediators as well as other real estate agents who lacked experience in working with divorcing clients in dealing with the sale of the matrimonial home. Publishing a book on the subject seemed like the best way to get information in the hands of those who needed it - the sellers themselves.

In this book, you’ll learn the ins and outs of selling your home in a divorce situation. I’ve ensured that my book is free and easily accessible to anyone who wants to read it because I know that the strategies revealed in the book will help you better understand your options and the process itself.


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