The Benefits of Strategic Marketing When Selling Your Home

Monday Dec 19th, 2022


Strategic marketing is a game changer when it comes time to sell your home. It can help sell your home faster, attract more buyers, and ultimately help to sell your home at a higher price. Read on in our newest blog to find out more about why marketing matters.


Attract more buyers

Homes that are marketed effectively attract the attention of more qualified buyers. Online marketing is a very effective way to promote your property. It is the ideal place to get noticed by people who have not yet started looking for a property as well as those who are already searching. Good marketing will promote the very best features of your home to a captive audience all over the world 24/7. And for those overseas buyers or locals looking for a new neighbourhood to call home, you can also promote your neighbourhood where your home is located. For example, if it’s in a particularly desirable area with access to great schools, marketing to young families and first-time buyers will help attract the right buyer for your home.


Encourage bidding wars

More people viewing your home means more potential offers, and the possibility of driving up the selling price. This can help you pocket more money on the sale if you have already and provide you with more buying power for your next purchase.

Sell your home faster

With strategic marketing, more people are viewing your home and therefore this increases the likelihood of it selling faster. The number of days that a house sits on the market can affect the sale price. Selling for the highest price is usually more likely within the first week or two of listing in this current market.


High quality photography

A very important aspect of marketing is ensuring that you have professional quality photos and video as well as accurate floor plans. These will tell a story that a captive audience will be sold on. Great photos that showcase the best features of your home as well as its potential tell a story that should captivate and motivate potential buyers. Conversely, poor quality photos can deter potential buyers from even considering your home as an option for them.


Strong social media presence

Working with a realtor who has a strong social media presence will ultimately help your home sell faster. More people will engage with the selling post, increasing the likelihood of a quick sale. A strong digital presence also means that a realtor has an extensive network of connections with industry professionals who can support you throughout the real estate process.


Work with me

I have an extensive follower base and as a top-performing brokerage Harvey Kalles has local, national and international connections. I have my own dedicated marketing team to focus on investing in the marketing of your home. What does this mean for you? A quick, smooth and as stress-free as possible selling experience.

Change can be exciting. Let’s work together. I’ll help you sell your home in record time so you can move out and move on to your next adventure happily.

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