Introducing Cottagecore: 3 Design Trends To Look For in 2021

Thursday Dec 17th, 2020




From the looks of it, 2021 is going to be a year all about comfort, familiarity, and warmth. 2020 was all about adjustment and uncertainty. As we begin to settle into our new normal, home décor trends are about feathering our nests, and making the most of our time at home.


First, let’s talk colour. Full disclosure: This brought me joy and hope. The annual Pantone Color of the Year tends to be a place where a lot of people start when determining what their aesthetic for the upcoming year might be. Whether it’s the accent colour in your office or the stand-out piece of jewellery around your neck, this year, Pantone brought us some good news. The colour is Aqua. Aqua, folks! Why is this good news? Well, Aqua is a colour that represents peace, growth, stability, and balance. That’s right! Don’t we all need to hear that right about now? I thought so. 


Now that we have a glimpse into colour, let’s stay on the topic of balance and move into style. 2021 will be all about marrying comfort and function so the two remain in harmony with one-another. Whether your personal style leans more on the side of modern and perhaps a bit minimalist, or you lean more in the direction of a traditionalist, this year’s style trends will compliment both. The simple and uncomplicated interior decor of a modern and minimalist home comes with great style tips that will aid our need for multi-purpose space in 2021 and beyond. We’re talking about hidden storage to optimize the function of your space. Perhaps bins within the seats of the beautiful bench by your kitchen window or built-in under your bed or staircase. The functionality of our homes going forward is all about being able to quickly turn your room around into what you need it to be. The hidden storage under your stairs works perfectly to store your kid’s school supplies and activities, while the compartments under your kitchen bench can store everything you need to turn your kitchen office back into a dining area. 


Lastly, I feel it is my duty to introduce you to a word you will probably be hearing a lot of this coming year: Cottagecore. Cottagecore is a new term used when describing a home aesthetic that exudes comfort, warmth, and a connection to nature, and it’s a trend that is very heavily anticipated to be seen in homes in both city and suburban areas worldwide. Cottagecore extends far beyond the warm wooden tones and elements of a traditionalist cottage in the Kawarthas that we all know and love, but includes some elements of trends we saw during the throws of quarantine this past year, such as learning more about where our food comes from, nurturing more plants at home and our beloved sourdough starter (we all had one!). Cottagecore is the embodiment of a more natural home and lifestyle and will be making it big in 2021.

So, there you have it. Some of the trends that are anticipated to take 2021 by storm. We’re living in a world where the interior of our homes will be much more of a focus going forward, and we need to be prepared. If you’re still looking for your ideal home to meet your lifestyle, why not let me help you? Send me an email at and let’s talk about what you need your space to accommodate so that you can enter 2021 feeling confident and ready for a fresh start.

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