Sold With Daniella Gold- What Selling Your Home With Me Really Looks Like

Monday Dec 19th, 2022


When listing your property for sale, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the all of the tasks and time involved. It is a full time job! You may find yourself asking, How do I attract buyers? What is the right listing price? How do I ensure I’m agreeing to the right conditions? This is where a good realtor can step in and help answer these questions, providing you with guidance and a variety of services and support to help make your experience as successful as possible. After all, it is my full time job!
If you’ve never worked with a realtor, you may not know exactly what to expect from one. While I can’t speak for all realtors, here are a few things you can expect from me should we choose to work together.
1. A Comprehensive Price Analysis and Market Valuation
With the rising interest rates, as well as a challenging housing market, developing a pricing strategy alone can feel like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces. Pricing your own home, even as a realtor, is not an easy task. While we do have access to data and everyday experience we are missing objectivity when it comes to our own properties.A good realtor can bring their wealth of experience and understanding of the current market to help you develop the right strategy, manage the process, and eventually sell your property for the best price possible. When working with me, you can also rest assured that the price I set will be the price your home sells for.
2. Negotiating in your best interest

When it comes to ensuring your home is sold for exactly what it is worth, there is no strategy more solid than well-planned, and informed negotiation. When selling with a skilled realtor, they will help maximize the value of your home, and negotiate in your best interest to ensure the highest possible sale price and most optimal real estate outcomes. Personally, my reputation in negotiation is a strong one. Advocating on behalf of my clients is a top priority, and with skills and experience many other realtors don't have, I bring my fierce negotiating skills to any circumstance that needs it with pride.
3. Marketing to attract
In a world where many of us are constantly on social media, we know the power good social-media and digital marketing strategies can have. A realtor skilled in utilizing top marketing techniques can help attract buyers to your property through online channels in order to maximize your listing’s visibility, often resulting in a faster sale. As a realtor supported by top performing, Harvey Kalles Real Estate brokerage, my clients and I enjoy the benefit of Kalles’ world class marketing tools. Added to that are my own marketing team’s skills, my own plethora of notable social media connections and an extensive professional network, which helps me to achieve maximum outreach for my clients at all times.
4. Supporting you throughout the process 24/7

Yes, you read that right! I not only provide support for all my clients for matters from A-Z, but am truly there for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I make myself available to help you with every matter you may need throughout the process - be it staging your home, re-developing certain plans, addressing concerns, celebrating wins, or even helping you settle in once you have sold or bought your home. I know how important it is to feel like you have someone in your corner so you can not only know that I’m there, but feel it too.
If you’re interested in accessing these services, or are ready to make a move - let’s connect and talk about your plans! You can reach me at (416) 820-3006 or email me at


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