Living In and Loving Humewood - Cedarvale

Monday Nov 23rd, 2020


Whether it’s the neighbourhood itself or the Stephen Sondheim reference that pulled you in, you’re here now, so why not let me tell you more about Humewood-Cedarvale, one of the most wonderful communities in Toronto, and why you definitely want to consider the opportunity to be a part of it. 


This neighbourhood is all about the long-term. Families are raised here for generations and whether they leave and return later in life or don’t relocate at all, the fact of the matter is that people come to stay. And why wouldn’t you? From a deliciously diverse array of cuisine, to annual community festivals, top-rated educational institutions, trails, art exhibits, farmer’s markets, coffee shops and of course, the beautiful views of the Cedarvale Ravine, this neighbourhood has anything you could possibly dream of. Seeing as we are currently living in a time of exploring alternative social traditions, a visit to Krave Coffee and a walk along the ravine is a wonderful way to safely catch up with your friends. An alternative? The Stockyards’s Fried Chicken. Or Pukka - Gun Powder Prawns. Just trust me. 

I’ve been deeply invested in this neighbourhood for a number of years. From starting families off in their first homes to welcoming a retired couple ready for a new chapter in a community rich with warm individuals who are happy to show you their version of Humewood-Cedarvale. It won’t be long after your move that you will begin to see why this neighbourhood holds onto it’s residents for a great number of years. Along with all the spots you will claim as your favourite, you will remain pleasantly surprised by all the hidden gems that you’re sure to discover long after you’ve found your place within the community. The desire to shop locally grows stronger as you spend more time exploring all that it has to offer, and you will almost certainly see your circle outside of the area coming around more often to take in all the new spots you’ve introduced them to.

The options for education are vast. Your two main elementary schools are within walking distance (Humewood and Cedarvale Community Schools) and there is an even greater selection of very well-respected secondary schools just a short TTC ride away (such as Forrest Hill and Oakwood Collegitate institutes). The diverse nature of the schools within your reach is complemented by the local activities geared towards young people that will keep them busy after school and on the weekends. Children young and old are sure to make friends within the neighbourhood whether they meet on the trails, at the hockey rink, or on the streets browsing the stores.

Humewood-Cedarvale is a community that has grown and evolved without losing what generations of people have always loved about it. The ideal mix of peace and serenity with the convenience of the best parts of Toronto at your fingertips makes this neighbourhood unique. I’d love to introduce you to some of my favourite spots and show you why I’ve always maintained a close connection to this neighbourhood throughout my career. It’s a rare moment when a home becomes available, so get in touch with me and I’ll show you what could soon be yours. Email:


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