5 Benefits Of Working With An Interior Designer/Interior Decorator

Monday Dec 19th, 2022


Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Amy Konarzycki, Principal Designer of Studio AK, a boutique residential interior design firm in Toronto.


As someone who has had the opportunity to work with numerous designers and decorators over the years on behalf of clients and recently for my own home, I absolutely see the value of working with the right designer no matter the size of the project. Here are the reasons why as explained by Amy herself;


It will save you money!


This may seem counterintuitive, but oftentimes homeowners engage a designer after making a purchase on their own that they regret. For example, they may have bought a sectional that doesn’t fit properly in the space. Our advice is to get in touch with a designer as early on in the process as possible - when the project is just a twinkle in your eye. With an in-home consultation, a designer can point you in the right direction of furnishings, materials, and suppliers, all the while saving you from making costly mistakes.


Helping you to create a cohesive palette.


It’s one thing to know what you like when it comes to design, it’s another beast to try to blend all elements together to achieve a palette that flows throughout your home. A designer is trained and experienced in balancing a space so that all elements work together to give you that “effortless” designer look.

Giving you access to a vast network of reliable tradespeople and suppliers.


As a homeowner, it can be a daunting task to scour reviews on Google and Homestars when it comes to securing a contractor or supplier. An experienced designer has strong relationships with suppliers and tradespeople that have proven to be reliable and can provide recommendations for businesses to work with in the industry. A tradesperson or supplier will be more inclined to correct any deficiencies when working with a Designer in order to maintain that relationship, as opposed to completing a “one-off” project for the homeowner.





Minimizing Stress.


Having a designer involved in your project can minimize the stresses associated with renovating your home. A Designer will be the first point of contact for the contractor when issues come up on a project. A seasoned designer will not shield you from the problems that inevitably arise during construction, but will come prepared with creative solutions to any possible situation that may arise. Trust me when I tell you this is invaluable!


Creating that magazine inspired look.


Styling a home can be one of the trickiest parts of the process. Landing on the right mix of accessories to make a home feel like you all while balancing scale, the right mix of personal mementos and store-bought items, and still keeping the look cohesive with the overall design can be a challenge. Designers love to curate the perfect mix of accents to make your home look magazine worthy.



About Amy


She has been in the design industry since 2014, and founded Studio AK in 2019 with the goal to help homeowners create a home that they love, that functions well and contributes to their overall well-being.


As an active accredited member of the Decorators & Designers Association of Canada, she maintains a strong focus on continuing education and staying up to date on the latest design innovations.


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