4 Easy DIY Updates To Do Before Listing Your Home

Thursday Feb 18th, 2021


DIY (Do It Yourself) projects can be a lot of fun and also a welcomed distraction from the outside world. Being able to sink your teeth into a new project, especially during these cold winter months when we aren’t able to do

much socializing, could be just what you need. It’s no secret that making some minor upgrades to your home before listing it can make all the difference in attracting buyers. Let’s go through four easy DIY renos you

can do in a financially appealing and timely way.


A Good Ole Paint Job


A fresh coat of paint does wonders to improve the look of any room. Along with heightening the overall brightness of the space, this is also a good way to correct any previous decorating faux pas. We’ve all made them - trust me.

Painting can also be a fun family activity, so this is a perfect opportunity to get the whole family involved. Completing the new paint job yourself is a great way to save on the cost of hiring a painter.


Update Your Out-Dated Fixtures


Like the aforementioned fresh coat of paint, swapping out some of your older fixtures around your house for new ones can make a huge difference. From installing under-cabinet strips in the kitchen (or within shelving in living areas

if you want to get fancy!) to dimmer switches, these changes can easily modernize any home. You can also take the extra step of installing motion sensor lights outside your home. This is a solid task that can be completed on the

cheap and within a day, that is sure to make any prospective buyer feel more secure. Now, when I say “fixtures” I’m not just talking about light fixtures - cabinet hardware, ceiling fans, camera-enabled doorbells, self-programmable

thermostats and much more are also in play here. There are a number of simple tasks that fall under this category that can, once again, be completed in a swift and cost-effective way.


Freshen up your bathroom


Cleaning the bathroom is rarely anyone’s favourite task (if it’s yours, please show yourselves...I’ve never met a unicorn!), but once it's sparkling and clean, there is nothing more satisfying. It’s also next to impossible to avoid staining

on the tiles and grout in our bathrooms, but a simple hardware store purchase of a tub and tile refinishing kit will have you well on your way to a like-new bathroom. Add onto this the replacement of your shower heads, installing an in-shower

shelf, a towel rack behind the bathroom door and if you’re feeling fancy, maybe even a glass door for your tub/shower combo? The possibilities are endless. Taking advantage of one or all of these simple updates to your bathroom will

give you the look and feel of a full reno without undertaking all of that work.


Optimize Storage Space


I’m pretty sure we all constantly feel like we’re re-organizing and looking for new and better ways to store all the pandemic purchases we’ve made over the last year. No? Just me? OK well, either way there is no such thing as too much

storage! I’m a big fan of the floating shelf and they’re absolutely everywhere now. They’re also surprisingly sturdy, so whether you’re storing books, toiletries in your bathroom, highlighting decorative items in your living space, or even

creating a makeshift bar (now there’s an idea!), you are sure to find invisible shelving that will support what you’re storing. If you’re more into the idea of hidden storage, there are a myriad of other shelving options that are rooted in hiding

your storage, such as adding organizational units within your closet or in the space under your stairs or bulking up the ones you already have. You know what kind of storage will best suit your home and believe me, there is no such thing

as too much storage space.


These easy DIY renos are a great way to spend a few evenings, a week or a couple of weekends as you prepare to list your home. To discuss some other steps towards preparing to sell, send me an email and

we can talk: daniellagoldre@gmail.com.

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